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  • Container Fumigation
  • Fumigation of agricultural products on board
  • Fumigation of Mills and Warehouses
  • Fumigation of Port Terminals
  • Fumigation in mills and food processing plants
  • Pure Phosphine injection with HDS
  • ULV (ultra Low volumen) fumigation system with special atomizer
  • Design of application system of liquid pesticides in belt conveyor system, redlers, etc.

What is Pure Phosphine?

¿Qué es la fosfina?

Pure Phosphine is a gas widely used worldwide through the application of solid formulae of aluminium phosphide or magnesium phosphide which, when exposed to the environment´s humidity, slowly releases Phosphine gas through and hydrolisys reaction. Together with the reléase pf Phosphine in this reaction, other gases like ammonia –which is highly phytotoxic- are produced and créate problems in the treatment of fresh fruit and vegetables. As a result of the hydrolisys reaction of metallic phosphides, a waste is generated. This waste contains active metallic phosphide and therefore is a dangerous and toxic waste, and that it can still produce phosphine. It should be collected, defused and disposed of in an adequate manner once the fumigation is over.

Pure Phosphine in cyllinders does not present these disadvantages. It is a very simple toxic gas which an oxidize with oxygen in the air into phosphoric acid. This reaction is catalyzed by sunlight. Also, it doesn´t react with food or treated products. It does not leave traceable residues when applied in its pure form from the cyllinders. It does not damage ozone layer and does not produce global warming.

Although Pure Phosphine in cyllinders has existed in the market for several years, its direct use for fumigations had not been possible due to its ignitability with air. This, in spite of it being the most logical and practical way of using it. Nowadays, thanks to our HDS SYSTEM (HORN DYLUPHOS SYSTEM) this is possible.

What is the Horn Diluphos System?

¿Que es el HDS?

The HDS is an automatized system that enables the direct dilution of Pure Phosphine with air in cyllinders below the ignitability level (18,000 ppm) thus enabling the injection of a mixture of air with Phosphine into the premises to fumigate, using concentrates of up to 10,000 ppm of phosphine with no risk of ignitability.

The system includes a series of security mechanisms that control the process and avoid problems in risky situations, such as a power cut.

The equipment is designed to request the Operator to take an action and then verify that such action has been well carried out.

With the use of HDS the usual problems of Phosphine as a fumigator are reduced. Problems with ignitability of Phosphine into the interior of the area are eliminated since the concentration will never exceed the 18,000 ppm if recirculation is not carried out.

With the HDS corrosion is easier to control, since only the required amount of gas is applied. Also, in case of requiring a redosifications, this can be done from the outside of the area. Different to metallic phosphides, when applying Phosphine in cyllinders, it does not generate ammonia, which on its side gives power to Phosphine corrosion for metals like copper, silver or its alloys.

HDS Fumigating equipment

There are nowadays different models of HORN DYLUPHOS SYSTEM fumigation equipment that are able to satisfy almost all situations and size of fumigations. Hereunder we show a table with the characteristics of the different fumigation equipment.

HDS 30 (A) HDS 30 (B) HDS 80 HDS 200 (*) HDS 800
Capacity (PH3 flow) 1 gr/min 6 gr/min 19 gr/min 47 gr/min 190 gr/min
Air flow 27 m3/hour 27 m3/hour 80 m3/hour 200 m3/hour 800 m3/hour
Maximum PH3 concentration 1.650 ppm 10.000 ppm 10.000 ppm 10.000 ppm 10.000 ppm

(*)The outfit we generally use is the HDS 200, which perfectly adapts to our clients´ needs.


What is HDS

It is a revolutionary Fumigation Ewquipment for products stored in closed areas, such as: silos, silobags, warehouses, cold storage romos, adapted containers, mills deposits, etc.

This innovative equipment uses and dilutes PURE PHOSPHINE directly from cyllinders, blended with air and in a completely safe way.

Simple, safe and ecological like no other, it produces ZERO waste to environment when it is liberated, different to the rest of the systems, achieving an efficiency and practicability that turn it unique in the world market for machinery for fumigating systems.

How HDS work?

This automatizedmethod allows the dissolution of Pure Phosphine directly with air within ignitability limits through an injection of a mixture of air and Phosphine in the fumigaiton of the premises, withour the risk of fire.

¿Which are the main advantages of using HDS?
  • Reduction in the Fumigating time.
  • It does not require the entrance of workmen into the premises to carry out the fumigation.
  • There is no need to gather, desactivate nor eliminate phosphine waste. There is no waste.
  • It does not damage environment.
  • It reduces fire risk.
  • It requires less manpower.
  • It is apt to be used in absolutely sealed structures.
Why fumigate with Pure Phosphine?

Phosphine is a well-known pesticide to protect stored products. It is obtained from Alluminium Phosphide which – when in contact with air and humidity- liberates Phosphine, but in theprocess produces waste such as ammonia and other harmful elements for environment.

Our PURE PHOSPHINE has an advantage over other fumigating agents. Among other things, the lack of harmful ecological agents. Pure Phosphine, once liberated into the atmosphere, is converted into phosphoric acid due to the action of sunlight, being harmless for environment.

What types of pests does Pure Phosphine control?
  • Insects: Flour weevil, vine beetle, fruit worm, flat grain beetle, tobacco beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, Khapra beetle, White beetle, drilling worm, Dermestes, bark beetle, grain beetle, bread beetle, Eulia, false vine spider, Brown flour beetle, Confused Flour beetle, bean weevil, granary weevil, rice weevil, peanut weevil, coffee weevil, maize weevil, fruit fly, red flour beetle, cocoa grain moth, grain moth, pine drilling weevil, dry fuit moth, flour moth, fruit moth, european grain moth, louse, lanigerous louse.
  • Rodents: Black rat, Norwegian rat, mice, vizcachas.
What products can be fumigated with Pure Phosphine?
  • Fresh Agricultural Products (vegetables, fruit, bulbs, leaf vegetables, cut flowers, citrics, etc.)
  • Dry Agricultural Products (rice, seeds, almonds, tobacco, barley, wheat, maize, sunflower, sorgum)
  • Products for animal nourishment (balanced food, ingredients)
  • Processed food ( cereal-based cookies, noodles, grain, rice, chocolates, dehydrated fruit, power milk flour, yeast, dry meat products, cheese, tea, vegetables)