About Us

Tecnophos Service S.A. is a Company created in 2009, in response to the need to offer a much requested fron-line fumigation service at an International Level in relation to efficiency, sanitary conditions of the products and environment care, added to the over 20-year experience of the Members of our Board.

Our Company offers quality in the fumigation service we render, as well as in the products we use for it, thus achieving excellence in our service.

Fumigation with Pure Phosphine offers a quick answer to the problem of insects in loaded grain, leaving no trace of the products treated.

The results achieved allow us to keep afluir contact with our clients´portfolio, which very often enables us to Schedule our Services, doing preventive services that aim to reduce losses produced by insects in stored grain from the momento of its entrance to the premises.

Our main target is to mee tour clients´needs, conveyig innovative solutions,w ith a distinctive quality that establishes the difference with our competitors.

Part of the success of each task is in direct relation to the continuous training that our staff receives, and to the profesionalization acquired.

Covered Area

We offer our advantage services in the Main Ports of Argentina:

  • Port of Rosario - Prov. Santa Fe
  • Port of Buenos Aires - C.A.B.A
  • Port of Quequén - Prov. Buenos Aires
  • Port of Ing. White - Prov. Buenos Aires
  • Port of San Antonio Oeste - Prov. Río Negro
  • Port of San Antonio Este - Prov. Río Negro
  • Port of Puerto Madryn - Prov. Chubut